The Worthy Primo - September 2018

Bro. Tony Carpenter ROH


Officers of the Eastgate Lodge - September 2018



The Eastgate Lodge, 6393, of the Peterborough & District Province, extends this invitation to witness and support on the evening of Wednesday 3rd October 2018, the presentation of Honorary Membership to:

Bro. Pete Pierce ROH, sponsored by
Bro. Steve Jones ROH, PPGP & Bro. Joe Underhill ROH, PPGP


Bro. Martyn Sharp ROH, sponsored by
Bro. Tony Carpenter ROH & Bro. Ian Gunn ROH.

The presentation will be made on behalf of the Lodge by the 2018 Peterborough & District PGP Bro. Bob MacNamara ROH


The Hog Roast was held at the PSL Parkway Club, Lincoln Road on Saturday 30th of June 2018. Once again Malcolm did us proud with the quality of the food and we we were entertained by the fantastic Billy G & The Heartbeats. The Eastgate thanks everyone for their attendance, the Rafflr raised £300 with the Auction of a Spitfire water colour painting raised £50. Thank You All.


The Eastgate Lodge 90th Anniversay Dinner took place on Saturday 3rd of February at the Cresset. We were pleased to host six Widows of Brothers Passed to the Grand Link Above, all Brothers were remembered at the Absent Bretheren Toast.

Well done to Brother Pete Pierce, supported by his Buffess Ann, for the organisation and delivery of another great night. 


This year's Dinner was held at the Parkway
PSL Club on Saturday 16th of December.

Once again there was a Cash Prize Draw with 9 £100 prizes awarded on the night - well done to all the winners.

There was also a magnificent Raffle provided by Pete Pierce, supported by Bob Macnamara for the ticket draw.

2016 Lodge Christmas Dinner

This years Dinner was held at the Newark Hotel on Saturday 10th of December. The Annual Cash Draw took place with Marc Snowden; Geoff Jefford; Bob Macnamara; Bill Smith; Ian Gunn; and David Hildegard winning the six £100 prizes. The Grand Christmas Raffle was again a great sucess with lots of fantastic prizes.




2015 Charity Cheque Presentation 12/Dec/2015

Throughout 2015, members of the Eastgate Lodge of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes have raised funds for the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association - SSAFA. Most of the money came from the weekly car-booting activities of Pete & Ann Pierce, with the rest of the Lodge adding to the total by running raffles and sweepstakes.

The photo’ from our annual dinner held at the Newark Hotel in Peterborough shows Steve Jones and Pete Pierce from the Eastgate Lodge presenting a cheque for £5000.00 to SSAFA publicity officer Wing Commander (retired) Bob Carr OBE, and SSAFA Divisional Secretary Simon Taylor.

In accepting the cheque, Simon Taylor said ‘ …. We are grateful to the Eastgate Lodge of the RAOB for presenting us with this magnificent sum. It will greatly assist the work of SSAFA in Peterborough & Fenland, to help and support servicemen, ex-servicemen and their families in times of need …..’

Bro. Martyn S. Sharp ROH, City Sec.



This years event took place at Decoy Lakes near Whittlesey. The Eastgate A Team came Third, Mick Reeve won the Trophy for the Smallest Fish, and Bob Macnamara (Fishing for the Fenman Lodge), was for the umpteenth year, the Best Dressed Man on the Bank. We witnessed some very good weights with the top two over 80 lbs. We believe this was a record breaking year with everyone catching for once.  
Sorry for the lack of photos but my phone was a little moist after falling in the lake.


The Reeve Family had a superb day out at this years fishing competion, Runners Up in the Team event, Mick's Son Julian had the heaviest weight for a non Buff and Julian's Son won the Scamp Trophy as the Best Junior. 

Mick with the Runners Up Trophy

Julian Top Non Buff

The Scamp Cup Winner


Just a few photo's sent to us by Suprina Rai from the area where she is carrying out relief work with the help of funding that our Lodge & Province have provided.




Martyn will update us as more information comes through from Suprina




The joint event, organised by ourselves and the Fenman Lodge, was held at the Farcet Village Club. There was an excellent turnout and all of the Lodges of the Peterborough & District Provinces contributed to the event. The total raised was £1130 and will be shared between the two Lodge Charity Appeals for 2015, the Thorpe Hall "Raise the Roof Fund" and ssafa.


Was held at the Childers Sports and Social Club in Whittlesy. The Hog Roast was presented by the "Fenland Roaster" with the entertainment provided by the fantastic Johny Caesar. Well done Richard and Pete for their hard work and thanks to everyone who attended for their support.


On Wednesday 7th of January 2015 Brothers Pete Pierce ROH & Richard Baldock ROH, PPGP, presented a cheque for £4363:47 to Elaine Stapleford, treasurer of the 'Peterborough Soup Kitchen'. Elaine thanked the Lodge for the superb amount presented while Bro. Pete thanked the Brothers of the Lodge & Province for their support.

The Eastgate Lodge 6393 chose to support Peterborough Soup Kitchen during 2014 and money was raised in various ways - mainly through Car Boot Sales and the tireless efforts of Pete and Ann Pierce. Bro’ Pete thanked everyone who helped during the year when the Lodge enjoyed its annual dinner in December, but as no-one was available from the Soup Kitchen at that time the presentation was held-over to the New Year.
At a regular Lodge evening on 7th January, Bro’ Pete and Worthy Primo Bro’ Richard Baldock handed-over a cheque for £4363.47 to Elaine Stapleford, treasurer of the Soup Kitchen.
Elaine said ‘I am delighted to accept this marvellous donation from the RAOB Eastgate Lodge, and thank them for helping us to fund the Soup Kitchen which feeds increasing numbers of homeless people’.
The ever-enthusiastic Bro’ Pete and his trusty Buffess are already car-booting for the Lodge’s 2015 supported charity, SSAFA; details will appear on the Lodge web-site throughout the year.
Bro. Martyn Sharp ROH. City Secretary


Was held on the 13th December at the Newark Hotel, an excellent meal was followed by the Annual Cash Prize Draw and a fantastic raffle organised by Pete and Anne, congratulations for a job well done.

Fourth Degree Raising

Brother Steve Jones was Raised to the Fourth Degree on Friday the 29th of August 2014 at the Farcet Village Club. The Exhaulting Officer was the ROH President, Bro. Werner Dukamp ROH, PPGP. Brother Wern conducted an excellent ceremony ably assisted by our very own Tony Carpenter in the roll of the Director of Ceremonies and the Peterborough ROH Assembly No. 135.

There was an excellent turnout to witness the ceremony and hear the commendations of the two Sponsors, Brothers Peter Pierce & Martyn Sharp.

Eastgate Lodge "Hog Roast"

Was held at The Childers in Whittlesey on Saturday 7th of June 2014.
We dined out well on "The Hog" and enjoyed some great entertainment. Well done Richard Baldock, Pete Pierce and the support team.
The Raffle raised in excess of £310 towards the Charity Appeal. 

Honorary Membership Presentation

Bro. Colin Laws was presented with the Honorary Membership Emblem and Jewel at a ceremony conducted by the PGP, Bro. Bob Buff ROH Brother Colin's Sponsors were Bro. Tom Hailstone ROH and past PGP, Bro. Richard Baldock ROH.

Brother Bob presents Brother Colin with his Emblem

Brother Colin flanked by his Sponsors, Bro. Richard Baldock ROH, Peterborogh & District PGP for 1998 and Bro. Tom Hailstone ROH

Bro' Colin was initiated into the King George Lodge 6553 on 27th September 1972 and remains a Kangaroo after a 40 year Buffalo career. Even after suffering a massive stroke a few years ago Bro' Colin continues to play a full role in the Lodge. He has served in all the Minor Lodge offices and has always been on hand to help out when needed. When the King George amalgamated with the Eastgate Lodge Bro' Colin continued to attend regularly and is a valued Brother to us all.
Bro' Richard Baldock ROH PPGP


At the Closing Link, the Eastgate Lodge Worthy Primo, Bro. Barry Burrell ROH, thanked the members of PGL for their attendance and PGP Bob for an excellent ceremony 

Christmas Day Swim 2013

Thanks once again to everyone who sponsored me - tide was in and the weather was great. I attach a photo of me looking pleased to be out of the water; at the time of sending this, the Youtube entry has not yet been posted.

Eastgate Lodge Christmas Dinner
Saturday 14th of December 2013 

The Worthy Primo, Bro. Denis Felstead ROH, presented  a cheque to Carol Cook from ageUK Peterborough Branch for £4277:21 on behalf of the Eastgate Lodge. Well done to all of the Brothers of the Lodge and the Province for their support. A special mention to our own Pete and Anne Pierce and Norrie Tawse of the Welland Lodge for their magnificent efforts.

The Newark Hotel was again the setting for this year and once again it was a superb evening with a fantastic meal followed by a great raffle and the annual members cash draw.

Pete Pierce's Charity Shave


It begins, thats a big bit gone in one go

Can you tell who it is yet?
Who's next?
Looking a lot better
Pete and Sarah

Pete would like to thank hairdresser Sarah and the Brothers of the Province for their support. Pete raised £365 towards the Lodge Charity Appeal


After a recount or two the Eastgate Lodge Team consisting entirely of Reeve Family Members, came a creditable Second.


The Race Night raised £400 for age.UK, Peterborough Branch.


Armed Forces Day 2013

On Saturday 29th of June at Market Deeping the Lodge had a
Car Boot stall in support of this years Lodge Charity.


At March 2013 PGL, the IPPGP, Bro. Steve Jones KOM, presented Emily Gray of the Peterborough & Fenland MIND, with a cheque for £7600 on behalf of the Brothers and Lodges of the Province. Brother Steve thanked the Brothers of the Peterborough & District Province as well as their Partners & Families for their tremendous support & told them all that the everyone should feel very proud of what they had achieved in support of the appeal. 


Martyn Sharp and Steve Jones took to the North Sea at "Sunny Hunny" on December 25th to raise d's in aid of the Province Outside Charity Appeal - MIND, Video link below.



The Dinner and Draw took place at the Newark Hotel on December 12th. The Annual Christmas Cash Prize Draw £150 first prize was won by John Smyth as was the third prize of £50, well done Johm. Henry Muir won the £100 second prize. Pete Pierce organised a magnificent Raffle with many fine prizes. For the sale of tickets and making the draw Pete was assisted by Tony Carpenter. Pete then rounded off the night with a Quiz based on the true meaning of Christmas, money!

Horse Racing Night 2012
PGP's Charity Appeal

Took place at the Farcet Village Club on Friday 17th August. Thanks for all your support, the event raised £728 for MIND. 

   Bannister Cup Fishing Competition 2012
This years event was held Sunday 19th of August at Stretton Lakes. Eastgate Team 1 recorded in the third highest weight. At September PGL Bro. Bill Forest ROH, past PGP, presented the PGP with a cheque for £250 from the fishing competition organisers, the Welland Lodge.

Bro. Ian Gunn ROH - Honorary Membership

Brother Ian was presented with his Honorary Membership on Wednesday the 25th of January 2012 at the Newark Hotel in an Open Ceremony. The Presentation was made by the PGP, Bro. Steve Jones KOM assisted by the Grand Waiter of 2007, Bro. Steven Roofe ROH and Bro. Rick Chesmond ROH, Grand Waiter for 2009. Provincial Grand Chamberlain Bro. Bob Buff ROH superbly directed the Ceremony and Brother Ian's Sponsors Brothers, Pete Pierce ROH & Martyn Sharp ROH, presented censored commendations on his behalf. Bro. Steven then presented a Mounted Inscribed Clock to Bro. Ian as well as a Bound Copy of the Honorary Membership Ceremony.


Brother Ian flanked by the Presenting Officer, Bro. Steve Jones KOM and the Grand Waiters, Bro. Rick Chesmond ROH & Bro. Steven Roofe ROH.

2011 Hunstanton Charity Swim
Again this Year Martyn Sharp braved the cold water of the Wash to raise money for Charity. The tide being out made it an even harder trial as the photos show:

Martyn after the short walk back from Boston

They're out there somewhere.......

Feeling the cold now

Not everyone was as mad
Link to film footage

Eastgate Lodge Christmas Draw 2011

The Draw took place on Wednesday 21st December.
First Prize: Tony Carpenter
Second Prize: Ian Gunn
Third Prize: Steve Jones 

Bingo Night with Fish Supper

The Fenman Lodge held a Bingo Night at the Farcet Village Club on Friday December 9th 2011. A total of £294.50 was raised for Jim Hartigan's Outside Charity.

Bannister Cup Fishing Match 2011

Took place on Sunday 14th of August at Yoke Farm, Upper Benefield, the Eastgate fished two teams who came 3rd and 4th. Steve Belham fishing for the 'A' team won the Grand Waiters Cup for the Smallest Fish & the 'A' Team won the Goodwin Cup for Third place.

Pete Beeby collects the Goodwin Cup.

Steve Belham is presented with his Trophy.

Bro. Henry Muir ROH

Brother Henry Celebrated 52 years in the Order on Wednesday 6th April 2011. He was presented with a special "Cookie" to mark the event.


Mr Darran Nunn was initiated into the Order on the 23rd of February 2011. The Ceremony was conducted by the WP Bro. Steve Jones KOM, ably assisted by the City Chamberlain, Bro. Ian Gunn ROH and the Alderman of Benevolence, Bro. Pete Beeby KOM. The PGP, Bro. Jim Hartigan ROH the Officers of PGL and visitors from the Valiant, Fenman, Welland and Locomotive, made it a pleasant and successful evening.

2010 Christmas Day Charity Swim

Bro. Martyn Sharp took part in a Charity Swim at Hunstanton on Christmas morning. Martyn thanks everyone who sponsored him.


Before Photo, keen to get on with it

It was cold, where's the towel

Feels good now it's over

Other heroes were in attendance 

Bro. Pete Beeby KOM

Brother Pete was Raised to the Third Degree on Wednesday the 12th of January 2011. An excellent Ceremony was performed by the President of the Peterborough & District Knights Chapter, Bro. Tony Carpenter ROH. Brother Pete's Sponsor was Bro. Martyn Sharp ROH.

Bro.Pete was presented with his Third Degree Emblem on Wednesday the 23rd of February by Bro. Tony Carpenter ROH.

Pete with Knights Chapter

Pete with Brothers of the Lodge

Chapter Dinner November 13th 2010
Chaz and Maria
Henry and Gwen
Steve and Tina

PGL Dinner October 30th 2010
Gwen, Ann and Tina
Chaz and Family
Henry and Gwen
Chaz entertains

Bannister Cup August 15th 2010
Third Highest Team Score (Goodwin Cup) - Eastgate 'B'
Smallest Weighed catch - Daryl Reeve
Best Dressed on the Bank - Angie Fenner
Chaz hooks something Big
Daryl Reeve "phones a friend"
Julian Reeve bides his time
Martyn enjoying life on the Bank
Pete Beeby, Maywood Cup Winner
Martyn watches Steve Jones, winner of the Alf Cook Shield
Unenlightened Gentleman fishing for Eastgate "B"
Steve fishing for Eastgate "B"
Simon, Captain of Eastgate "B"
PGP, Terry relaxes on the Bank
They're in there somewhere
Thanks to Angie & Chaz for the photos


Bro. Steve Jones KOM & Bro. Steven Coakley

Mr Steven Coakley was Initiated into the Order on Wednesday 28th of July 2010. The Ceremony was performed by the Worthy Primo, Bro. Steve Jones KOM. In attendance was Bro. Rick Chesmond ROH, PPGP 2002 & the Grand Waiter for 2009, Bro. Pete Dudley KOM, the IPPGP and the PGP for 2010, Bro. Terry Colingwood ROH.

Brothers Pete, Steve, Steven, Rick & Terry.

Third Degree Raising


Bro. Colin Cammidge KOM was Raised to the Third Degree on Wednesday the 19th May 2010. The Installing Officer was Bro. R. Crowe KOM, supported by the Director of Ceremonies Bro. Chaz Fenner KOM and the Officers of the Peterborough & District Knights Chapter 220.


The Installing Officer Bro. Bob Crowe KOM

Past Knights President (2009) Bro. Roddy Woodthorpe ROH

Director of Ceremonies Bro. Chaz Fenner KOM

John Waller & Tony Woods, 2nd Degree Guards

Will Sharp & Craig Nicholson, 1st Degree Guards

Colin with Knights Chapter

Pete Pierce, Brian Fenner & Roy Grundy

Provincial Grand Lodge were in attendance

On the 28th of July 2010, Bro. Colin was presented with his Third Degree Emblem by The Worthy Primo, Bro. Steve Jones KOM 

At the 2009 November 2009 PGL Brother Henry was presented with his Past Provincial Grand Primo's Certificate by the PGP, Bro. Pete Dudley CP.  Bro. Henry was the Provincial Grand Primo of the Maesteg & District Province in 1969.

The PGP with the eighteen Past Provincial Grand Primo's who received their Certificates.