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The R.A.O.B. 

The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes is a non-political, non-religious, philanthropic & charitable organisation, with Lodges throughout the United Kingdom and much of the world. With its main headquarters in Harrogate, convalescent homes in Yorkshire and Somerset, and thousands of Lodges held weekly in just about every City & Town, the R.A.O.B. is a truly universal Order.

The Eastgate Lodge.

The Eastgate Lodge was founded in 1928 at the Eastgate House pub’ in Eastgate, Peterborough. When the pub’ was demolished as part of the new Eastgate development in the 1970s, the Lodge moved to the Peterborough Ex-Servicemen’s Club on City Road – moving again in 1983 when the club moved to its new premises on Northminster. The Eastgate Lodge moved to the Peterborough Hospital Social Club off Thorpe Road in February 1995. In April 2007 the Hospital Club sadly closed. On May the 9th the Lodge moved to the Burghley Square Club. After hosting the Lodge for 13 months, the 'Burghley' has now also closed its doors. The Lodge relocated briefly to the Westwood Hotel for the month of June 2008.

On the 9th of July the Lodge moved to the Newark Hotel on Eastfield Road.

Although there are ten Lodges in the Peterborough Province, from the City itself to as far afield as Stamford, Deeping, Oundle, Bourne, March and Whittlesey, the Eastgate is now the only Lodge that meets in the centre of Peterborough.


Most Lodges meet once a week – the Eastgate at 8.00pm on Wednesday evenings. There are no specific membership requirements or restrictions. Prospective members are advised however, to expect no material gain or benefits from the Order. Unlike some other organisations, the R.A.O.B. is not an insurance society.

Through its individual Lodges, and collectively as a regional and national organisation, the R.A.O.B. helps many worthy causes each year. The Buffaloes is more than just a fund raising society however. It is a fellowship based on Liberty, Unity and Charity, providing Members with the opportunity of convivial company and enjoyable recreation.

More Information.

If you’d like further information, please contact us via this web-site, by writing to the Lodge Secretary, or calling on one of the published telephone numbers.


Martyn Sharp ROH
26 Kent Road,
Telephone 01733 563036 (home)
                    01733 816392 (work)

Grove House Harrogate